Get to know Isaiah 117

Isaiah 117: A place not quite like home, feels like home.

Defend the cause of the fatherless. Isaiah 117 prides themselves as a safe haven for the children. Instead of a cold office for foster kids to await their transfer, they get a warm bed and the comfort of a home.

Here at Every Child Indiana, we commend Isaiah 117 for the important work they do for the kids. Whether it’s providing a child toys, a hot meal, a warm bed, or a friendly face, the Isaiah staff does it all.

The Every Child staff recently visited the Boone County location which can house multiple children at a time, with a staff who can accommodate said children. Additionally, the staff here is dedicated to making sure every child is welcome.

During our visit, a staff member told a short story of a kid who reportedly had not smiled since their removal. This same kid had a smile ear to ear once they were done with their visit at the Boone County location. It’s small moments like these that makes the work worth it.

We are proud to recognize Isaiah 117 as a partner. Their innovative solution to providing comfortable spaces for houseless children inspires us.We hope they have the same effect on you!